"Raquel J. Alves is an artist from London.
She creates collages combining paper, wallpaper, canvas, paint and threads.
As well as using the threads to explore movement and flow on the pieces, Raquel stitches the outlines to the illustrations.
I find these pieces really engaging – her use of colour and texture is terrific, and the style of the pieces pushes my buttons.
Each piece is a clever combination of materials and texture delivered to a high standard.
Raquel is a highly talented individual and the output on her Flickr photostream reinforces her artistry.
You can explore Raquel’s world at her blog and if you’re in London you can see her work for reals at the Pogo Cafe throughout March."

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Hope that review was okay - I did it more of a hurry than usual. But your work is ace, so it wasn't hard to find good things to say. :)